I’m a fucking idiot

Well, during an update to my site and being unfamiliar with the program I using, I ended up deleting everything on the sever and had to restore everything. Fortunately the server had a backup of this blog, unfortunately it was from May 2016. I’ll be posting the stuff I had up here little by little.

A Handmaids Tale

It’s been quiet around here.

I am currently taking an illustration class and my newest project is to create a book cover for the ‘Handmaidens Tale’.

Here is my initial sketch for the cover.

After doing this sketch I took into Photoshop and painted a tighter version of the sketch.

I then started to paint this in on a canvas. Here is the work in progress.

Its been tough transferring it from digital to physical. Over all I think its starting to work. Well see how this turns out.

Book Cover Design

As an assignment for an illustration class we were to design a book cover for any sci-fi or mystery novel that we wanted. I decided to make something up. My first choice was “Annihilation of the Arachnoids”, what’s not to like mechanical spiders, stuff blowing up, bad ass. After sketching around a bit I decided that the arachnoid idea was too big for the time frame of this project so I changed my book title to “Planet of the Dead”. I figured that was kinda sci-fi, horror sounding.

Here is the Sketch.

Sketch for "Planet of the Dead" book cover

Here is the final piece.

Final for "Planet of the Dead" cover.

Heh, it’s not this harsh of a green color. Who knows what happened.

Wireframe Pt. 2

Ok so I just learned about media quires. So here is the new version of the wireframes for this project. It should be responsive, go on try it on something other than the computer, or resize the browser window. Bad ass.