I’m a fucking idiot

Well, during an update to my site and being unfamiliar with the program I using, I ended up deleting everything on the sever and had to restore everything. Fortunately the server had a backup of this blog, unfortunately it was from May 2016. I’ll be posting the stuff I had up here little by little.

Valentine’s heart

I’m thinking about making a few of these paintings an selling them for Valentine’s Day. If I do I’ll post the link to my etsy page. Like most  this is a 5×7 oil on board. Looking at these pictures I need better lighting in my studio. Eh. 


Cloud Study

It’s been hard trying to get back to work. Slowly but surely I’ll get back into it. This is a cloud color study off a picture I took while ago on vacation. The color is almost there, I guess it’ll be more practice. Anywho its 5×7 oil on panel. I may add it to my etsy at some point. 


Late night sketch

I keep going back and forth on this new sketchbook I got for Christmas. It’s a Stillman & Birn beta series book. I’m a huge fan of the alpha ones as my workhorse sketchbook, this one I’m not so sure of. Here is a sketch I did in watercolor in that book. Maybe I’m wrong only more work will tell.   


Done. It’s 6×12 oil on panel. I am not a big fan of panels that have a texture on them.



Here is the underpainting.