The Gallery Space Website so far

Last week was spring break and I spent the majority of it coding my ass off.  So if your asking (and I know you are) what did last week teach you? Making a website responsive is quite a bit of work. So with out further ado here is the site.

Gallery Space EDIT: This is going to keep changing as I edit it.

All the space images are from Astronomy Picture of the Day

And the kitten pictures are from placekitten.

There are still some things that I need to iron out but it’s coming along. I tried to include as much html5 and css3 that I could, so everything on this site is code no flash or javascript tomfoolery here. Oh the only two pages that have been coded are the home page and the gallery page so those are the only two links that will work.


Wireframe Pt. 2

Ok so I just learned about media quires. So here is the new version of the wireframes for this project. It should be responsive, go on try it on something other than the computer, or resize the browser window. Bad ass.




After some sketching these are the wireframes for the Gallery Space website. They are each designed to look a certain way on the different devices one would be viewing it on. Here are the links.




I still have a few kinks to work out. I am having a hard time centering the divs, mainly on the right side. I need to look into this problem.

Gallery Space Information

Final Name of the event:

Gallery Space


April 6-May 4, 2012


Space is an important concept in Art


Austin Museum of Art


#galleryspace, #spaceinyourface


NASA, Celestron, Canon, and Moon Pies

Artists/ Guest Speakers:

Hubble, Cassini, Mars Rover, Astronaut Mike Dexter, featured band: Galileo and the Heretics.

Gallery Space Proposal


Gallery Space


Due to people’s lack of interest in the space program funding has been continually scaled back and there is very little support from the public for giving more money to further our space research and exploration. To stimulate interest in the space program and the solar system we will have a traveling art exhibit showcasing images of the planets and deep space objects.Along with the show we will create a website tied into social media that highlights the beauty and the diversity of outer space.


In recent years people’s interest in space and the space program have been on a steady decline. Due to the economy and lack of public support funding for the space program has been continually cut for the last few years. Right now the general populous is just not interested in outer space.


People need to be reminded that Outer Space is a beautiful wondrous place. We will start with a traveling art exhibit featuring images of the the solar system and deep space objects, nebulae, other galaxies, etc. At the exhibit people will be able to scan a QR code which will take them to the website where they can learn more about the subject, see more imagery of the subject and vote on their favorite image. The image in the show that get the most votes will then be sold on a commemorative t-shirt available on the website.  Aside from the show we will create a website that will have information, dates and news about the show. The website will also feature each image in the show as well as how many votes each image received broken down by city. Users will be able to buy a t-shirt from each show featuring whichever image got the most votes in each particular city. Also included in the site will be a how to section where users can learn how to take images of outer space and an area where they can upload there images. Those images can then be voted on. The images with the most votes will be featured in a future show. We will use social media like Facebook and Twitter to continue to deliver, news, image of the days and any relevant information about the exhibit or the website.

New Painting

Done. This painting will be in a show this Thursday at the 201 Gallery in my hometown of Laredo, TX. It’s acrylic on canvas. Working on this was a learning experience. The concept for it was completely different. For whatever reason i could not get the painting to look like the sketch. Then in the wee hours of the morning I decided to scrap the entire idea and start over. Cheers.