Some Christmas stuff

Here’s some watercolors from earlier this month. One tight and one loose. I’ve spent most of the year working in watercolors. I tried an oil painting and man I’m rusty. It’s a completely different animal than watercolor. A goal for next year is to definitely work more in oils. Hopefully there will be one more before the new year.

New Santa

Here is a new santa done in oils. I finally used a fancy sable brush I got for christmas last year. Its a pretty nifty little brush.


I got the jump on this christmas

Every year around late November, early December I say to myself “Self, you should sell hand painted watercolor christmas cards.” Then I realize the actual date and have to come to terms that I’ve started way too late to do any good. Not this year. Here is one of the Santa cards for this year. All the cards are for sale. They are watercolor on watercolor paper.



Here is a small piece I did to restart the machine. It’s gouache on mat board. Happy December.