I bought a sack of mini pumpkins and finally got around to painting one of them.

6×6 oil on panel.

Newer Painting

In a effort to slowly repost the stuff that got deleted, I’ll be putting stuff up as I remember what’s missing.

Here’s a painting I was working on a few days ago. I’ve got the Halloween fever. Bad.

Oil on canvas

Valentine’s heart

I’m thinking about making a few of these paintings an selling them for Valentine’s Day. If I do I’ll post the link to my etsy page. Like most  this is a 5×7 oil on board. Looking at these pictures I need better lighting in my studio. Eh. 



Done. It’s 6×12 oil on panel. I am not a big fan of panels that have a texture on them.



Here is the underpainting.


Back to a Regular Schedule

Summer is over , the significant other is back at work and the distractions are all gone. Let see, what has been going on since the last time I posted? The freelance stuff I’ve been doing is keeping busy, well I wish I was more busy with that. Eh. We took a family vacation to my aunts place on the east coast, the place we stayed at was right on the lake. I’ve done several painting from that trip. Here is a couple of them.

Lake1 Lake2


Sitting near the lake at night it is amazing how far the reflections of the lights across the lake seem to travel across it. These are two studies the will and have eventually turn into bigger paintings.

Here is a color study for a painting I’ve just started.


Here is the painting. It’s pretty much ready for the color phase.


Aside from that I’ve made a bunch of bbq, grew my own jalapeños and tried to stay out of the heat as much as I could.



Painting #25

This one was like pulling teeth. I wiped the first painting and painted over it. I’m not really digging my brushes right now. I need to find brushes I can control better, or practice more.01292015