Vintage Halloween

He’s a watercolor I did the other night based off an old vintage Halloween decoration that I remember hung in some of my classrooms as a kid.

Late night sketch

I keep going back and forth on this new sketchbook I got for Christmas. It’s a Stillman & Birn beta series book. I’m a huge fan of the alpha ones as my workhorse sketchbook, this one I’m not so sure of. Here is a sketch I did in watercolor in that book. Maybe I’m wrong only more work will tell.   

Painting #14

I found some watercolor board sitting in a drawer. I figure this could be fun to use. I think there are three of them so the next few paintings will be watercolor on board.


Painting #13

A close up skull. I used the Zorn palette on this one. The color palette is named after a Swedish painter named Anders Zorn who used a very limited color palette. The colors on his palette were vermillion, black, yellow ochre and white. The colors I used for this painting are lamp black, indian red, yellow ochre and white.