Painting #9

Another still life in watercolor. This is the second attempt for today the first one was horrible. For the second painting I switched books I was working in. I’ve been using a Handbook watercolor book and for some reason the paper was fighting me today. I switched to a Moleskine watercolor book and the paper feels infinitely better to paint on. Lesson learned.


Painting #8

More watercolor. I’m having fun doing these. They feel less serious than the oil paintings. At some point I will switch back to oils.


I got the jump on this christmas

Every year around late November, early December I say to myself “Self, you should sell hand painted watercolor christmas cards.” Then I realize the actual date and have to come to terms that I’ve started way too late to do any good. Not this year. Here is one of the Santa cards for this year. All the cards are for sale. They are watercolor on watercolor paper.