It’s been like pulling teeth

I have no motivation to make any work. I’ve been trying. I got a Stillman & Birn Nova Series Sketchbook. I claims its a multimedia book, but it buckles like crazy with watercolor. The paper is not heavy and the beta series. The nova is 93 lb (150 gsm) and the Beta is 180 lb (270 gsm). The nova is still bad ass with dry media. I guess if you don’t mind buckled paper its not bad. I got the beige one and the grey one. Here’s a fuck around on the beige one. It’ s watercolor with gouache.

An Old Sketch

I found this sketch from last year in a folder and thought i would share. I need t look into doing some more figure drawing.

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a better year. Goals this year. Paint more, draw more, blog more, and do more with my art. Here’s a new one for the new year.

Some Christmas stuff

Here’s some watercolors from earlier this month. One tight and one loose. I’ve spent most of the year working in watercolors. I tried an oil painting and man I’m rusty. It’s a completely different animal than watercolor. A goal for next year is to definitely work more in oils. Hopefully there will be one more before the new year.


I bought a sack of mini pumpkins and finally got around to painting one of them.

6×6 oil on panel.

Dürer copy

Here’s a copy after Dürer that I did last week. It’s watercolor, gouache, and charcoal. It looks nothing like the original. Oh well.

Vintage Halloween

He’s a watercolor I did the other night based off an old vintage Halloween decoration that I remember hung in some of my classrooms as a kid.

Newer Painting

In a effort to slowly repost the stuff that got deleted, I’ll be putting stuff up as I remember what’s missing.

Here’s a painting I was working on a few days ago. I’ve got the Halloween fever. Bad.

Oil on canvas